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A Learning Environment where children thrive

Each Peace Tree site strives for a prepared environment that nurtures order, concentration and independence. Children learn to become active seekers of knowledge where they have the freedom and tools to pursue their own interests. This set up accommodates all learning styles and allows each individual to learn at their own pace and advance when they are ready. 


Children are offered several types of art material to create and explore at their leisure. Directed art activities are also presented and can be completed when they choose. 


Songs, ryhmes, and instruments are available for exploration. Music is often presented during large group times where everyone is invited to participate in singing, playing music, or creating rhythms. 


Freedom to move is a large part of our curriculum. We create open space to work, as well as fine motor and gross motor indoor activities for movement development. 


Language and Math

Simple exposure to books, letters, words, numbers, groups, shapes, and counting is the foundation for understanding language and mathematics. Children are able to freely explore these topics in multiple ways around the classroom. 

Practical Life

Children are able to learn real life skills like personal hygiene, preparing a meal, sweeping, washing dishes, pouring, etc. This helps children feel capable and build a sense of purpose in the classroom community.  

Outside Play

Free exploration, gross motor movement and freedom to get messy are all encouraged during outside play. Children are also able to dive into curiosity, practicing social skills, and imaginative play. 


Social Emotional

 Grace and courtesy are at the core of our community environment and is rooted in Montessori. With the help of the Generation Mindful curriculum, we are able to equip our little ones to handle those big emotions, and situations in a real productive way. 

Generation Mindful: Building emotional intelligence playfully. (

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