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At Peace Tree, children are placed in an environment that meets their developmental needs. Typically by the ages shown below, but children are encouraged and given opportunities to interact with others outside their age range. This helps model the family structure where older children can feel like mentors and role models, and younger children are supported and can gain confidence in the challenges ahead. Teachers model respect, loving kindness, and peaceful conflict resolution. 

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Ages 6 weeks - 18 months. Accommodates children who are non-mobile or crawling in a peaceful classroom environment. Here they can safely explore, with the freedom to discover and move.

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Ages 18 months - 3 years. Accommodates children who are mobile, walking and have a drive for independence. Here the environment is furnished with materials to foster independence, is language-rich, and provides freedom for exploration.

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Ages 3 years - 4 years. Accommodates children who can work independently and promotes self-care. Here the environment invites discovery of early reading and number sense, freedom to express curiosity and creativity, as well as maintaining personal hygiene. 

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School Age

Ages 5 and up. Accommodates children for before and after school care with an enriching environment. Here the environment is meant to be a peaceful community to enable independent choices, freedom to explore, and freedom to move. 

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